Foot Care Tips For You!

When we were stuffing our feet into boots and socks all winter, going sans-pedicure was no biggie.

Don't Go Barefoot!

You may be tempted to kick off your sandals and walk around the pool club barefoot, but you should definitely fight the urge. Dirty feet, splinters and stubbed toes are the least of your problems. Public pools, bathrooms and showers are breeding grounds for gross germs and fungus. Keep your tootsies Athlete Foot-free and keep those flip-flops on!

Deal With Rough Spots

After your feet spent a long winter in close-toed shoes and socks, you’re bound to have a few patches of dry skin. Often times, the parts of your feet that experience the most friction (i.e., your heels, the sides of your feet and big toe) will feel the most sand-papery. The easiest way to soften these rough patches is by first, soaking your feet in warm water and exfoliating to remove the extra dry skin. After you towel dry your feet, use a pumice stone or foot file on the dry spots to gently ease away the calluses. If your feet are extra-dry, you may have to repeat this process for a few days to really do the job. After you’re done, rub a lotion over the dry patches of your feet to allow your skin to re-absorb moisture.

Prevent Blisters

We love how summer sandals let our feet breath. But with pretty thong flip-flips and strappy wedges inevitably come blisters. As the temperatures rise, our feet sweat and swell in our shoes (gross, yes), which can make the rubs worse. To minimize irritation, save your strappiest shoes for summer’s cooler days and opt for comfy flats when it’s humid out. If your cousin’s wedding falls on a 95-degree afternoon and you have to wear those pretty-but-painful heels, stick a few preemptive band-aids on spots that are most likely to irritate, like the top of your foot or heel.

Remove a Splinter

Splinters are why donning flip-flops even on your own deck is crucial. But if you couldn’t find your sandals this one time and ended up with a splinter in your big toe, it’s important that you remove it properly to prevent infection. Don’t try and squeeze it out! This could imbed the splinter even further. Gently wash the spot with soap and water, then pat it dry to absorb any extra moisture. If you can, use a magnifying glass to see which way the splinter entered your skin. Then use sterilized tweezers, a needle or nail clippers to pull the splinter out the same direction it went in. After you get the splinter out, clean the area with antibacterial ointment and cover it with a band-aid while it heals.

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